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Comments of ERHC Energy's Peter Ntephe from Third Quarter 2008 Conference Call

The following comments were presented as part of ERHC Energy's Third Quarter 2008 Conference Call on August 12, 2008.   Erhc August Conf Call Final View SlideShare presentation (tags: joint jdz guinea of) Slide 1   Title Slide Slide 2 (Dan Keeney) Statements during this conference call may concern ERHC Energy Inc.’s future operating milestones. Such statements are subject to a variety of risks, assumptions and uncertainties. Please refer to our cautionary statements posted on the ERHC Energy Web site at Slide 3 (Peter Ntephe) Good morning!  I am Peter Ntephe, Chief Operating Officer of ERHC Energy. I appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to learn about ERHC’s progress during the third quarter of fiscal year 2008. With me on the call are: James Ledbetter, ERHC’s vice president in charge of technical matters. David Bovell, ERHC’s …