Vision Statement

ERHC Vision StatementERHC Energy’s vision is to maximize shareholder value through exploitation of its rights and working interest in exploration acreage in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Mission Statement

ERHC Energy’s mission is sustainable and profitable growth through risk-balanced exploration, cost efficient development and high margin production.

Core Values

  • Conduct business fairly and honestly;
  • Practice business within both the letter and spirit of the laws which govern our decisions and actions;
  • Act responsibly toward those who work for us, the communities in which we operate and our business partners;
  • Be accountable for our actions;
  • Strive to protect the environment in which we operate for future generations;
  • Provide clear vision, focus and communication;
  • Respect diversity and treat all with dignity;
  • Maintain a commitment to do the best of our individual abilities at all times; and
  • Create opportunities that support our growth and value proposition.