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ERHC Energy Chief Operating Officer Discusses São Tomé & Príncipe Exclusive Economic Zone

ERHC Energy (OTCBB:ERHE) has rights to participate in exploration and production activities in São Tomé & Principe’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The EEZ describes territorial waters of São Tomé that encompasses an area of approximately 160,000 square km. It is measured from claimed archipelagic baselines — territorial sea: 12 nautical miles, exclusive economic zone: 200 nautical miles. It is the largest in the Gulf of Guinea.   We sat down for a discussion with ERHC Chief Operating Officer Peter Ntephe to discuss that status of activities related to the EEZ.     ERHC’s rights in the EEZ include the following: The right to receive 100 percent interest in up to two blocks of ERHC’s choice; andThe option to acquire up to a 15 percent paid working interest in another two blocks of ERHC’s choice. ERHC would be responsible for its proportionate share of …