If you recently received a Proxy mailing and vote in the mail from our transfer agent, Corporate Stock Transfer, the following information will attempt to address some of the more common questions:

I don’t know why I received the Proxy.

You have received the Proxy from ERHC because you are listed on the books and records of the company as a shareholder. These books and records are maintained by Corporate Stock Transfer (“CST”).

I don’t recognize the name of the company.

The Company’s predecessor, Environmental Remediation Funding Corporation (“ERFC”), was incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware in September 1995. In August 1996, the stockholders of ERFC exchanged all of their shares of ERFC for 2,433,950 authorized and unissued shares of common stock, representing 87.2% of such then outstanding shares, of Regional Air Group Corporation (“RAIR”), a Colorado corporation. RAIR was a publicly-owned corporation which had ceased operations and as a result had only nominal assets and liabilities. ERFC was then merged into RAIR. Following the acquisition of control, the stockholders of RAIR approved the change in the Company’s name to Environmental Remediation Holding Corporation and later changed its name to ERHC Energy Inc.

How many shares do I have? Where can I sell my shares?

The number of shares that you own, per the books and records of the company, is noted above your name on the Proxy Ballot. This follows your reference account number at CST in the form of P*xxxxxxxx. The number of shares is in the form xxxxxxx.0000.

The Company does not repurchase shares. Sales can be made through a broker or to an individual.

I don’t have my certificate(s). How do I get replacements? How can I change name(s) and addresses?

You should contact:

Corporate Stock Transfer:
3200 Cherry Creek Drive South, Suite 430
Denver, CO 80209
Tel: 303-282-4800
Fax: 303-282-5800

How can I find out about the company?

 Check our website, www.erhc.com

Can I get on a mailing list?

At this time, the company does not mail or email information except for proxies and other SEC required communications.