ERHC-Cover.jpgERHC Energy Inc. made the cover of the Winter 2014 issue of Energy Executive magazine. The story, "Exploring the Sub-Saharan," written by reporter Kecia Bal, describes ERHC's aggressive push to explore for oil across the continent of Africa -- from the Gulf of Guinea in Western Africa to Chad Block BDS-2008 in Central Africa and Kenya's Block 11A in Eastern Africa.

"The company is making progress on in-depth geo-scientific surveys of its acreage in Chad and Kenya as well as the beginning stages of exploration in the São Tomé and Príncipe Exclusive Economic Zone," writes Bal. "After shifting focus from offshore to onshore exploration in the continent’s East and Central African systems, the company is acquiring data toward drilling wells in two blocks that align with the new focus, according to President and CEO Peter Ntephe."

The article quoted Mr. Ntephe:

“We have always believed at ERHC that there are no limits on what we can achieve,” he says. “If we are able to pull off a major discovery in the coming years in one of our blocks, enormous growth can be achieved.

“That is the beauty of the oil industry – that you can go from a very small company to being a company with over a billion-ERHC Energy Inc. is pursuingan aggressive exploration strategy in three carefully qualified regions of Sub-Saharan Africa: the Republic of Chad, the Republic of Kenya and São Tomé and Príncipe. These areas were considered vastly underdeveloped.dollar valuation in a short while,” Ntephe continues. “But the industry has risk. Not everyone succeeds. What we have done is shown that we are very hardy.”

Mr. Ntephe also discussed the progress being made in Kenya, saying that the the seismic survey will enable the parties’ technical teams to carefully study the prospectivity of the block and decide whether there is enough information to proceed directly to drilling or whether to acquire focused 3-D seismic.

“We are advancing toward determining the prospectivity of a well in a very, very short while. Many companies take four years for what we have just done,” Ntephe maintains. “Together with our partners, we have managed to achieve that and we are going to try to achieve the same pace of work for the second phase.”

Mr. Ntephe credited partnerships and high-quality local talent on the ground for helping ERHC make progress. He says one of the strengths of ERHC is its ability to identify and place partnerships with serious and credible operators. He also recognized Dr. Peter Thuo, general manager of ERHC Kenya Ltd., as an authority on the geology and geophysics of the East African rift systems.