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ERHC Energy in African Energy

ERHC Energy was featured in the March 7, 2008 edition of African Energy. The coverage stems from the Company's involvement in the Nigeria Oil & Gas 2008 conference in February.

January Update from ERHC's Interim CEO, Nicolae Luca

ERHC's interim CEO issued this update for investors on Thursday, January 31, 2008. It includes information about progress toward drilling in the Joint Development Zone, a status report on potential acquisition activities and an update on the company's preparation for the Nigeria Oil & Gas 2008 conference.

ERHC Secretary Peter Ntephe's Opening Comments from 1/15/08 Conference Call

On Tuesday, January 15, 2008, ERHC Corporate Secretary Peter Ntephe presented information about the Company's fourth quarter and fiscal year financial results and provided an update on ERHC operations.

ERHC Energy Newsletter

  Hello, Welcome to the ERHC Energy newsletter. Thank you for subscribing to receive this update. In the links below, you will see the latest update from Interim CEO Nicolae Luca with information about progress toward exploration in the Joint Development Zone. You will also see details about the Company's plans for a conference call with the investment community on January 15th and the upcoming annual shareholder's meeting in April. We hope you will be able to participate. ERHC Energy, Inc. is a Houston-based independent oil and gas company focused on exploration of its working interests in the Gulf of Guinea, off the coast of central West Africa. We are proud of our heritage of visionary leadership that was responsible for ERHC being among the first to identify the possibility of significant oil reserves in what was once an undeveloped oil …

December 2007 Update from ERHC's Interim CEO, Nicolae Luca

We are pleased to report that progress continues toward eventual exploration in several Joint Development Zone Blocks in which ERHC has a stake. Work continues to pinpoint where and how to drill in each of the JDZ Blocks to achieve the greatest likelihood of success. We can also report progress toward resolving the difference of opinion regarding the recovered nine percent share of JDZ Block 4.

Update from ERHC''s Interim CEO, Nicolae Luca

To ERHC Shareholders: I am pleased once again to provide the September 2007 update on the recent progress of ERHC Energy Inc. If you were not able to participate in our recent conference call, I hope you had an opportunity to listen to a replay. Corporate Secretary Peter Ntephe did an admirable job of briefly summarizing ERHC’s financial position and its ongoing operations. It was also enlightening to hear from shareholders about their interests and concerns. As Mr. Ntephe described, we intend to offer similar opportunities for investors to ask questions in the future. We are pleased to report the resolution of our negotiations with Godsonic Oil Company Limited regarding its interest in Joint Development Zone Block 4. As stated in our latest quarterly disclosure, we took action on behalf of our consortium to reclaim Godsonic’s 9.0 percent share of …

ERHC Secretary Peter Ntephe's Opening Comments from 8/21/07 Conference Call

Peter Ntephe, secretary of ERHC Energy, opened the Company's August 21, 2007 conference call with an update on Company operations and an overview of the status of various other matters.

July 2007 Update from ERHC Energy CEO

The latest update from ERHC CEO Nicolae Luca.

April 2007 Update from ERHC CEO

The latest update from ERHC CEO Nicolae Luca.

January 2007 Update from ERHC CEO

The latest update from ERHC CEO Nicolae Luca.